Magic – Part 1

starsNow, as I’m sure you’re aware, fairies and Pixies are involved with magic, but both of them use it in different ways.

Fairies are a kind, gentle folk that use their magic to help others in their day-to-day lives, from granting big, life changing wishes, to helping you find your missing items. Pixies, on the other hand, tend to use theirs to cause mischief. Nothing dangerous mind, just something to provide a little bit of fun and entertainment for them, and others, all though this is often to the misfortune of others.

Let me give you an example of each.

Amelie tends to help children the most, telling me that she ‘loved the way they smile when good things happen, the way they can light up a room just by walking in, and the way they can soften even the hardest of hearts!’

Amelie had been watching over one particular child for a while, he had managed to creep into her heart and nestle there. He may have looked ordinary to your eyes or mine, but Amelie could see deeper than his skin, she could see into his soul. Amelie choose to help him everyday, just little things like making the sun shine when on day trips, moving his dirty socks so his mum wouldn’t find them, just little things that he wouldn’t even notice. Amelie loved her work, she considered herself his guardian, and loved seeing the smile each time he saw her gifts, for he believed in fairies and new that this was the work of one!

On the eve of his birthday, the little boy sat on the end of his bed and made a wish.

‘If I am looked after by a fairy, as I believe, then I wish, for my birthday, to see you.’

He opened his eyes, just a tad, to see if anything was there. Amelie watched, hidden behind one of his toys, taken aback by this request. She watched as the little boy smiled and whispered, ‘tomorrow!’, before crawling into bed and falling instantly asleep. Amelie moved to sit next to him on the bed and smiled down at him, she knew just how to fulfill this wish.

The little boy woke up on the morning of his birthday and excitable looked around him. He scanned every inch of his room and felt a pang of sadness when he saw nothing. He looked up and smiled, he knew that the day was only just beginning and, with that thought in mind, out of the corner of his eye he saw a glimmer in his mirror. As he turned to look he saw the light move, quick as a flash, out of sight. This was a sign, he had a fairy looking after him, and, he hoped, that he would see them by the end of the day!

Throughout the day the little boy kept stealing glances of Amelie, in all the mirrors of the house, by the pond in the garden, he even thought he saw her sat on the table whilst they ate dinner, but they were all such quick glimpses he couldn’t convince himself it was really true.

Amelie smiled from her secret hiding place in his room. Although she wanted him to see her with his own eyes, she knew it would spoil the magic of what she did. The little boy was so tired when he went to bed that he didn’t stop to think about the fact he hadn’t seen her for more than a second, and was asleep a soon as his head hit the pillow.

That night he dreamed beautiful dreams. He dreamt he was in a field, sat under a tree, sun shining, and in the distance he saw something fly towards him. As the figure got closer, he smiled in the knowledge that he was finally going to meet his fairy guardian.

Amelie sat by him the whole night, and smiled to herself to know what was in his head. She may not be able to show herself to him during the day, but whilst night was upon the world, there was no harm in letting her use her magic to let him know she was real.

That was how Amelie used her magic. Lucinda on the other hand … now that’s a whole other story!


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